Opportunity In Adversity​

In this pandemic situation, make best use of online school / colleges / workspace, get to inhale the Vedic essence with GitaQuest Gurukul (living facility at our centres) with unique features ​

Experience the practices that you dream!! ​

GitaQuest Gurukul System allows you to add Vedic practices without hampering in your Jobs/Education.​


Free Gita Course(1.5 months) followed by an educational retreat at Vrindavan.
This prerequisite is to make you appreciate the Vedic disciplined lifestyle more. Gita Course will provide a brief overview of the Vedic philosophy as well as the practices associated with it which will be the part of Gurukul facility. ​

Morning Meditation

Disciplined lifestyle

Bhagavad Gita Discussions


Best Meals

Good Friends

Good Internet

Basic Facilities