we aim to revive the ancient Indian system of education with a modern touch.

a new initiative of GitaQuest
by IITians

Gurukulam is a medium to design substantial improvement that will deepen your knowledge, faith, perception and confidence. Discover the finest fusion of science and Sanatan Dharma.

At the core of Gurukulam is our strong intent to encourage kids to attain physical, mental and spiritual well being

Discover the finest fusion of science and Sanatan Dharma.

Let’s develop a healthy and happy social process together

Our team will give a platform to nourish you with the wisdom of Gita, Sanskrit learning, Sanskar Gyan and many other activities in a fun and exciting way.

Our team encourage students to inculcate good habits and develop meditation practices.

See significant personality developments in your child.



Increase alertness and peace of mind. Get a new dimension to life. Experience spirituality. Learn the best and proven technique of meditation. Increase your productivity. Get clarity of thoughts. Improve your focus while studying. Find happiness within.

Bhagavad Gita Wisdom

  • Learn timeless principles of Gita that will guide us on all walks of life.
  • Get to know the ultimate truth.
  • Be fearless to conquer any difficulties.
  • Get the access to secrets of ancient teachings.


  • Most scientific way to gain strength.
  • Learn to connect your mind and body.
  • Take your concentration to the next level.
  • Activate yourself in an easy and fun way.
  • Increase your happiness.

Verses Learning

Sanskrit classes

  • Revive the most ancient and logical language.
  • Key to unlock the treasure of Indian vedas.
  • Mother of all languages.
  • Get to know the rich culture of India.

Sadachar & Samskar

  • We encourage you to inculcate great values and ethics.
  • Develop a strong character.
  • Learn to express gratitude.
  • Learn all good habits preached by our vedas.
  • Develop reverence for every individual.

Activities & Fun like Quiz

  • Become a part of many exciting activities.
  • Attain an ace in storytelling and verse recitation.
  • Get involved in bhajan learning, group discussion and much more.


Gurukulam will start from mid of November. Exact dates will be informed over Whatsapp after registration

Course will last for 2 months (approx.).

he classes will be held as follows:

  • On weekends (Sat-Sun): A session for around 2 hours.
  • On weekdays (Mon-Fri): A session lasting 30 mins. 

Children of the age group of 7 to 14 can register.

The various courses to be taught are:

  • Bhagwat Gita wisdom
  • Sanskrit learning
  • Sanskar and Sadachar
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Other interesting activities.

A mix of several fun activities will be encompassed such as storytelling, group discussions, learning kirtan, classical music, etc.

The course is absolutely free. Only your time and commitment is required.

You can contribute any amount by way of donation as per your will.

Classes will be conducted online via Zoom meeting. Links of the meetings will be shared in due course after registration.

Yes, you will get an e certificate after passing the test post completion of the course.

You can drop your queries at:

     Phone No. – 8006771771 (over Whatsapp) or at [email protected].