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About Speaker

  • Cover Full Gita

    We cover the entire Gita thematically which makes the content of Gita easy to understand.

  • Meditation Sessions

    Practice with us daily meditation to tackle daily life problems and coming close to inner self.

  • Personal Guidance

    You can have 1-on-1 Question and answers with our team member and get personal consultation.

  • Mind Control Tips

    Develop self control by harnessing the power of your Mind.

  • Know Sanatan Dharma

    Know the true glory of the wisdom offered by Sanatan Dharma.

Famous Youtuber


Well known for interviews of various sadhus. Spreading the glory of
Sanatan Dharma. Speaking boldly and also enchanting the audience.



He has done great effort to research and bring out the sadhus from various traditions in front of public. To understand more deeply our
sanatan dhama



He loves to guide and care spiritual aspirants, You can have 1-on-1
Question and answers
with Gautam Khattar
and get personal consultation.

Spiritual Journey Tips

Spiritual Journey

Learn how to grow in your spiritual life under guidance of bonafide authorities.

Know Sanatan

Sanatan Dharma

Know the true glory of the wisdom
offered by Sanatan Dharma.


Yes!, totally. There are no charges taken throughout the course.

It is a 6 week course, where every week there will be 2 sessions weekly.

This course covers all the themes of Gita. After covering all the basic themes of Gita, we will cover verse by verse in our advanced course (which is also free) for which you will be eligible after this basic course.

This course will be completely live. We have a separate recorded course which will most likely be coming this year.

Yes, all the sessions are recorded. Please contact your respective batch leaders. But we recommend to hear it live as your attendance is also tracked and you can take maximum benefit in live classes.

Yes, our session are conducted on the familiar Zoom App, at the end of every session, you get the chance to unmute and ask your questions. Also you will have a mentor, you contact him any time.

Yes, we do provide Certificates to our Great Hearted Supporters who seeing the selfless efforts of our Volunteer to spread Sanatan Dharma, contribute some minimum amount.

The Trip to Vrindavan is conducted after the Basic Gita Course is completed. Only those who have attended the full course can register for the camp. You can catch some of glimpse in our video on the course page.

How GitaQuest has affected our Student life overtime

Our success lies not only in delivering the course but in practical transformation in the lives of people. See yourself from the case studies of people who have completed this Gita Course.

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GitaQuest's Testimonials


Ankit Ruparel

Charted Accountant

I registered for the Gita course by gita quest in July last year. What I thought will be an over view of Bhagvad Gita turned out to be a gateway to a whole new universe of ancient wisdom waiting for me. Gita Quest’s beautifully designed course followed by an immersive spiritual camp, changed my perspective towards India and brought me closer to the greatness of Bharat. I strongly recommend the course if you want to enhance your worldview, connect to your roots and be part of a thriving, dedicated spiritual community.

Dr. Jitender Verma

Ex Chief Medical Officer

Daily meditaion, teachings of Bhagavad Gita and our Sanatan Dharma life style is true solution for all the problems our society facing today.
GitaQuest is working hard to present the true principles of Sanatan Dharma. I thanks them and congrats GitaQuest for reaching out the youth of India.

Shiv Shankar Dutta

Group IT, Lead, SCORPIO

I am associated with Gitaquest for last 6 months now & I can feel the change in my life. Thanks for the handholding, guidance, supervision, teachings & care with which you are taking me to the spiritual journey which otherwise was so much disoriented. Within few months of joining, I can feel the change. It has benefitted my family members as well. During the camps, realized that it’s also impacting so many young lives who are getting the true meaning of Sanatan Dharma & Vedic Scriptures which is also helping them to get required balance in their life approach.

Dr Shankar Ganesh


I am deeply grateful to Gita Quest for giving me the opportunity to learn and practice our ancient Sanatan Dharma. I am fortunate to receive and apply deep knowledge of Vedas in my life due to GitaQuest.

Sanjeev Sharma

Sr. VP, SMS, Gurugram

I now practice regular meditation. I am also reading Gita and other scriptures and my family is also very much inspired and doing the same. GitaQuest is not just an organization, it's a family. I recommend everyone to be a part of this family. Thank You GitaQuest.

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