What 2 months Bhagavad Gita Course do to me ? – Yashu Verma

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Note from GitaQuest Team : We randomly asked few Bhagavad Gita Course participants to share their testimonials, this is testimonial of Mr. Yashu Verma, currently working as Graphic Designer.

Gita Course Experience

Hey My name is Yashu Verma and I am here to share with you my life changing experiences with Gitaquest and their Bhagavad Gita Course .

Gitaquest as the name suggests it's like some simple Gita teaching platform but but but…
It's an amazing initiative by IITians which gives a profound understanding of Bhagavad Gita and how to apply it in your life.

One day I was scrolling instagram as usual after playing PUBG for hours. I went to Instagram to do more time passes then after scrolling for hours one advertisement came . about FREE BHAGAVAD GITA COURSE BY IITians and the AD was also very interactive it says what are you doing for dharma so it hit me very hard like i have been wasting time my whole life gaming and scrolling, as i have already Read bhagwad gita of Gita press gorakhpur but didn't understand very well so thought of giving it a try.

This was the best thing I have done in my life .

After 2-3 months a whatsapp group was created [EDIT : By GitaQuest Team, we are sorry for the delay Yashu had to face for his GitaCourse now continue the testimonial … ].

I joined group then classes started then I met an amazing teacher Abhishek Bhardwaj Sir. He is an IIT graduate and was working in Nutanix that time. what an amazing teacher he was he explained verses of bhagwad Gita like nothing and explained in very detail though .

As i was not alone many students were there so different types of questions were asked in classes very intellectual but Sir gave very appropriate and satisfying answers to them but I was introvert in nature so it was very difficult for me to ask but i one of the students who attends all the classes and MMC’s , so there was a big role of Abhishek sir in my life from Guidance to making Extrovert .

Advanced Course Experience

After the Basic Gita Course they announced About VRINDAVAN CAMP and I was mesmerised just by hearing this announcement and the price was also very low but I had my exams at the same date.

Then after the camps advance course started and now in advance course I found my mentor Chirag Sengal, also IIT Gradudate, due to only of his followups and regular checks I am continuing.

Otherwise due to some activities I would have left, so I was hesitant to register for advance course though, so by endavours of abhishek sir I thought of giving it a try and so when chirag sir gives amazing sessions in advance course first started a small book based on Bhagavad Gita. I was thrilled with the philosophy.

Then he started taking lessons from SRIMAD BHAGWATAM, amazing!

i thought of what an amazing book the stories which heard from childhood were revealing to me of prahald maharaj , dhruva maharaj , and more then came about the pastime of Ajamil.

Ajamila was such an amazing chapter this all convince me to continue then again vrindavan camp came and as a college student at time of COVID my father has lost his job and we are struggling financially so I thought again I am not able to go for the camp.

Vrindavan Camp Experience

But Chirag sir said you have to come I told him about my situation he said that i will pay the amount for your camp I thought how can I return him but somehow due to his help as he paid for me, by this only I came to camp.

In camp I physically met with many amazing teachers whom have taken my advance course there I met Shivam Verma Sir he was whole camp coordinator when we came to know about him he was such an amazing teacher his philosophy was so clear and clear about Bhagwad Gita and all he led an amazing camp .

And in same vrindavan camp I met Monk who has been practising Bhakti from 15 years there was something different about him like a different aura coming from him He told about why to Revive our dharma what is our real dharma and why to do Bhakti such topics just blown my mind and I have now fixed my determination to do bhakti also in my life.

Then camp ended and we are at home, missing all the members of GitaQuest, and longing to meet them again.

Yashu Verma

Soon we shall be adding more Gita course testimonials and Vrindavan and Kurukshetra camp testimonials for inspiration of our entire community stay tuned.

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