8 Best Set of New Year Goals To Choose From

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One of the most intriguing part of the English new year is about setting goals for the next year.

Everyone seems so much motivated to take a pledge and work over it across the whole year. But, very few succeeds. The main reasons for incompleteness of the goals that the people set for themselves are:

1. Vague resolutions

Majority of people set vague resilutions, for example to get rid of a bad habbits, to read everyday, etc.

The more we make our goal clear ie remove the confusion and ambiguity the more we become determined to follow them.

For example, To get rid of bad habit is a vague resolution since we cannot get rid of a bad habbit exactly but we identify the main cause which indulges us in that bad habit and then we replace it with a new and constructive habit. So a better and clear new year resolution will be like “I will try to replace my bad habit with this constructive habit for at least 3 days a week this year”

2. Goals too far from us.

If we take a goal that does not resonate with us, with our needs, with our interests that goal will not get our attention.

and without attention, we will never work to full-fill this new year resolution.

So, in order to complete our new year goal, we need to take a Goal dear to us.

Continuing our previous example, when we identify how replacing our bad habit with a new one, will transform our life, how we become better person, that will give us real impetus to pursue that goal.

3. Common goals

A new year goal that is taken by everyone, seems fair right. But the issue with this, again this can be vague, too far away from us, mostly, such goals are about physical fitness and lifestyle changes.

There is nothing exciting about these goals. As a human we all seek for excitement, if you can make your goal exciting that will encourage you a lot.

Say for example, have you ever wondered that there can be a resolution which consists of improving every dimension of your life. That is SPIRITUAL UPLIFTMENT.

There are variety of spiritual goals that we can pursue. And their advantages too span a wide variety.

Exciting New Year Resolutions That We Should Try

Being spiritual will eliminate the bad habits automatically, it will help you to develop good habits and perception in all aspects of your life. Therefore, one should always seek to gain and practice spiritual wisdom because that is the ultimate purpose of our life.

This can be done by following certain practices such as:

1 Writing Diary

Rather than taking a too ambitious goal of writing diary everyday, take a new year goal of writing diary say 4 days a week. This is practical. In your diary you write following things :

  • Who have helped you in the day. Did you appreciate their help ? (This meditation will improve your relations)
  • Were you honest in your studies (for students) / job (for working) ? (This meditation will help you become dutiful)
  • Could you practise at least 15-20 minutes of Spiritual Practise ? If not why ? (This meditation will help you control your mind)

2 Regularly Visiting Temples

Do you visit temples regularly ? Most probably not, so let’s make it a habit to visit temples, why

  • Temple’s environment is spiritual, amid all the life’s troubles and problems, regular visit to temples will be life change. Surely we will feel satisfied and relieved there.
  • Attending regular prayers and Aartis in temples is great way to connect with God.

Bonus Tip : you can try to take up some services there by helping the devotees and cherish the kirtans and aarti too.


3 Doing some Volunteer Work

Following our previous new year goal suggestion, volunteer work is a great goal that will significantly transform our life :

  • All of us are living in very small families, the nuclear families, mostly you will not be knowing who is staying after 4 houses from your house. Such a small world, is not it ? So doing contribution to the society is a great way to connect with people, afterall human beings are social beings.
  • Volunteer work can help us develop a sense of contribution to the society.
  • This also makes us selfless and thus developing inner peace and satisfaction. Studies also show people contributing to at least some cause are much more than satisfied in lives as compared to those who do not.

Bonus Tip : If you like you can help us also, for spreading sanatan dharma for this check out Volunteer for Sanatan Dharma

4 Reading Gita's Shlokas

Here’s special reasons, why this resolution is very advantageous :

  • Reading Gita verses, Boosts our memory significantly.
  • By connecting to the timeless wisdom of Gita, our self esteem also improves.
  • Your wisdom and world view will improve.
  • You will develop a sense meaning in life.

Bonus Tip : Not only can you read a shloka, you can also try to remember the shlokas which you like.

Bonus Tip 2 : If you find it difficult to read everyday, make the goal Simpler, I will read 3 Gita Shlokas every week.

Bonus Tip 3 : While you are reading Shlokas, if possible also read the commentary for that shloka. 🙂

5 Doing Meditation / Yoga


Just to mention a few, Yoga and Meditation helps in :

  • Increasing blood circulation,
  • Metabolism in our body ,
  • Our physical , mental and intellectual strength,
  • Over all balance and flexibility in our decisions and actions.

Bonus Tip 1: Try to do some meditation , even if it’s for just 10 minutes.

Bonus Tip 2: We are making a blog, comparing many meditation techniques, then you may study that to learn what is the best meditation out in the world.

6 Going to Bed Early .

  • You might laugh when you read this one, but yes, this is a very good goal to keep up.
  • Many of our team members have felt significant increase in their productivity by sleeping early and then waking up early.

Bonus Tip 1 : Avoid using mobile phone or other gadgets for at-least 1 hour prior sleeping. Glancing at screens takes away our sleep. So if we avoid seeing screens, then we can get sleep easily and a deep sleep.

Bonus Tip 2 : Exercise during the day also helps to get a better sleep.

7 Improving Food habits

Within a healthy body resides, a healthy mind, and with a healthy mind can we do wise decisions. So improve our food habit not only will make you happy but your entire body will thank you for this, especially your digestive system.

  • Bringing a regularity in our eating time : You may try to take your meals at the same time everyday.
  • You can also, take goals to transform your diet to a Satvik food diet only, this will make your brain very fast 😊

Bonus Tip : You can checkout this Guide for Sattvik Food habits.

8 Practice Tolerance & Improving Relations :

Everyone can relate to this new year aspiration, this goal can be vague also, if not properly assessed. You have to take practical steps to improve your relations, then take feedbacks from your relatives about your improvements, without feedback you will be able to improve a lot.

Some tips for improving relations

  • HEAR : Hear what others are speaking, a good vow will be, every week for 5-6 discussions, during my discussions with people, i will never talk and disturb the speaker, i will hear what he has to say.
  • MEDITATE : As previously mentioned, diary writing can help you meditate on your relations.


While there are so many goals available on the internet that we can take as our new year targets, but majority of these goals are never completed. This happens because of two main reasons

  • Goals Remain VAGUE.
  • We do not meditate on the Outcome enough to make Goal RESONATE with us.

We have presented in this blog, many goals which when done seriously will transform you, you just have to meditate the benefit these are imparting in your life, also you may like to read about the best choice of new year goal here.

Till then, Read Gita, Then Share Gita.

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