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Power of thoughts

“Change your thoughts and you can change your world.” -Norman Vincent Peale

Example of understand how our thoughts can change our reality.

How thoughts can degrade us

Case Study 1 : Hypnotism

Between about 1880 and 1930 a large number of experiments were conducted to study the induction of blisters on the skin of hypnotized subjects.

To indicate the proposed site for the blister, the hypnotist would sometimes touch the subject at the place with some object, usually a cold one. The subject was told or led to believe, that he or she was being burned.

Many subjects responded with a blister at the indicated site, as if they had been burned.

Thought-provoking, isn’t it?

Did I tell you how hypnotism works? 

The hypnotherapist bypasses the conscious mind (or a person’s rational faculty) and gives suggestions(thoughts) directly to the subconscious mind. And the body obeys irrespective of its accuracy (like blisters in the above case).

Case Study 2 : Psychosomatic illness

In this, a person is convinced by the subconscious mind that he/she is sick and the person develops the symptoms.

Or, if unfortunately during an accident a person looses one of his limbs, then for the years to come person keeps on trying to feel that his limb is present and thus the person tries to use that limb also, but that does not happen.

“As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.” -Joseph Murphy

Your thoughts are powerful. Watch them. 

Case Study 3 : VG Siddhartha

Ever wondered why a pessimist sees only difficulties amidst the galore of opportunities? 

His subconscious mind is filled with disempowering patterns.

Even if he has skill and a chance to show case his skill still he will feel that i can not do this. Therefore always missing the opportunities in his life.

VG Siddartha, founder of Cafe Coffee Day, he had everything, world class life, all luxurious what could we can think of.


But, when his business faced loss, he could not hold himself, he lost all hope of success or again raising his business but he committed suicide. Not only that, he killed his entire family also. That’s of course an extreme, but here we want to highlight how much powerful our thoughts are.

That can force us to do, what we might have never ever dreamt off!

On other hand now see how thoughts can empower us.

How thoughts can empower us?

Case 1 : An Opportunist, Daniel Kish


In contrast to pessimists, the opportunists however, discovers opportunities even amidst tough situations because his subconscious mind is planted with powerful seeds.

In the success magazine’s article , they mention how Daniel Kish a blind man, instead of focusing on what he lacked (obviously his sight) he focused on what he could do.

Daniel created a method called as echolocation using which he enabled himself to see with sound.

Today Daniel’s technique is helping millions of blind around the world.

Case 2 : Zion Clark, Positive Attitude


Zion was born without legs! But he has a world record in Hand Running!

If you are not conscious, you will simply follow instructions of the subconscious mind and act like a programmed robot. If programming is wrong, it doesn’t need an astrological consultation to confirm the downfall.

Arjuna, who decided not to fight the war, puts forth many of his beliefs in front of Krishna. Krishna expertly transformed the mindset of Arjuna making him realize the fallacy of his original set of beliefs. Thus empowered with empowering beliefs, he conquered the great war of Mahabharat.

Thoughts pop-up from the subconscious mind and we believe in them without questioning their accuracy. A person with a wrong set of thoughts can hardly achieve success. Uplift your consciousness, observe your thoughts and destroy your disempowering patterns.

Question is How we can develop our thought process?

How we can develop our Though process?

There are several steps, we have discussed about them in our last article you will love to check them here.

Here : Levels of Consciousness

Key steps are (and each of them is a article, please refer them for more details)

  1. Developing Sattva Guna
  2. Rising Early in the Morning
  3. Reading Bhagavad Gita
  4. Get Right & Like Minded Association
  5. Good House Keeping such as Time Management

See you in the next blog !

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