This Bhagavad Gita Course Changed Me FOREVER | Mayank Goyal

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Note from GitaQuest Team : We randomly asked few Bhagavad Gita Course participants to share their Gita course testimonials, this is testimonial of Mr. Mayank Goyal, currently BTech 4rth year, NIT Srinagar.

It was during the first year of Btech degree, that a link of Gita Course was shared in one of my college groups.

I was attracted to the poster and i registered for the Gita course, and that turned my life.

Actually I always wanted to read Vedic literature as I had heard that all science is given in this.

Additionally, I was keen to visit the holy place Vrindavan. However, my faith in our shastras gradually decreased due to societal and atheistic propagandas.

The way GitaQuest presented the Bhagavad Gita was very enlightening and completely changed my life.

I discovered the real purpose of life, which is attaining the love of God.

This love manifested before me through the love, care, guidance, and personal attention I received from my mentor, Harshit Sir.

During classes, we practiced mantra meditation. This meditation is so effective that even if you do it for a week, you will definitely feel a change in yourself and your consciousness.

From the Bhagavad Gita, I learned how we can attain the peace and love we are always hankering for, and how to handle the real problems of life.

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