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India is the land of varied cultures, traditions and festivals. And we are all set to celebrate the birthday of the lord of the universe- 'Shri Krishna', which is popularly known as ’ Janmashtami'. This day is believed to be the day when Lord Krishna descended on this earth to reveal his sweetest of the pastimes. To know more about Janmashtami You can click Everything You Need To Know About Janmashtami .

Janmashtami falls on the 8th day of the Krishna Park in the month of Shravan. And today we are going to discuss the divine incarnation of Shri Krishna from a slightly different yet enlightening perspective. We will try to understand how the incarnation of God cannot be considered equal to that of human birth.

Birth process of an ordinary child.

As we all have studied in our school days, the process of birth takes 9 long months. The physical form of a child grows in the womb of his mother, and after that mother gives birth to the child. Every human being and almost all living creatures follow the same process. There is nothing special or different but it's very common.

The appearance of God.

When we consider the appearance of the Lord, he was not bound to appear through seminal discharge but Shri Krishna first entered King Vasudev's heart and Mata Devki's heart. There was a divine radiance in his parents Vasudev and Devaki which is called Brahma Tej. Before Shri Krishna entered the womb of mother Devaki this divine radiance was present due to the grace of Shri Krishna. Which is generally not present in ordinary human parents. That is what makes the divine appearance of Shri Krishna different and special in comparison to that of human birth.

We are forced to take birth.

Every living entity on this earth is bound by their Karma due to which they have to take birth as animals, birds, or humans, etc. We are not free or we are not having any choice to select the body, place, or parents. It's the cycle of birth and death, which is a big trap and all of us are trapped into it. The authority is given to Yamraj who is also known as Dharmaraj who makes us take birth according to our karma. We, as a soul, are under the influence of Kaal, also called death or time. And mostly we are unaware of the purpose of our birth.

The Lord takes birth with His own sweet will.

On other hand, the Lord is the supreme being who appears on this earth with His own sweet will. He decides His birth time, place, and even parents. He is free from all bondage and is never trapped in the cycle of rebirth or death.

The lord incarnates with divine powers and greater motives. He himself decides the purpose of his descents and He completes them according to His own sweet will. He stays with His beloved devotees and He performs His variety of Leelas and protects the Dharma.

Our condition at our birth time.

In normal conditions when a child takes birth the baby is covered with blood, stool, urine, pus, and whatnot! It has to stay around the human waste and various other things and the condition is miserable. After coming out it starts crying, it doesn't have hair on the head, the eyes are not able to open due to the new environment and the body is uncovered (no clothes) and several things occur.

The Lord's divine appearance.

But when the Lord appears the situation is different and divine. When he incarnates he is wearing Pitambar. He has a beautiful smile on his face and black curly hair. With four hands holding Shankh, Chakra, Gada, and Padma (Lotus) in respective hands, god is wearing beautiful garlands around his neck. There is a radiance around the appearance of God which makes thousands of Sun dim.


So friends here we can conclude that there is a huge difference between the divine incarnation of Shri Krishna and ordinary living entities. God is the supreme master who incarnates as per his will and performs his Leela.

Many times humans feel like they can also become equivalent to God by several spiritual practices like chanting, meditation, yagya, etc. One can rise towards self-realization through all these processes but can never become equal to God.

Therefore we can say that whatever is done by God is all for some divine purpose and by his wish, which can never be concluded or examined as ordinary birth. Hence, we discuss the difference between the birth of all living entities and the divine appearance of Shri Krishna.

We, the Gita Quest family pray to Shri Krishna on this auspicious occasion that may we all rise higher In the spiritual level and grow ahead in life. You May also Like to Read How Lord Decides His Parents, When He comes to this Planet

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