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Hello friends! We at Gita Quest are here to discover our best friend, true guide and the most valuable asset of our life - 'The Bhagavad Gita'.

Let's continue with the topic, and know the reasons to read Gita.


Starting from the early phase of life, everybody starts the journey with school. We all, as an individual, belong to some different kind of environment. Whenever we start a new journey or begin with a new phase, we come along with a new and different kind of social circle. As in schools, for example, we meet different types of students.

And here, we need to adapt as per the situation and the social group. This is a very basic problem which we have to face at every new place. And every time, it comes in a different form.

Therefore, It's necessary to know ourselves, to know our identity. But, today's generation is having an issue of an identity crisis. Students don't have confidence in themselves.

So, whenever one sets into a new group, it becomes a major problem to make ourselves acceptable by the group. Therefore, students or we can say the youth tries to identify the common standards of that group to make themselves acceptable by others. Though it may be fashion, Knowledge, attitude, behavior, etc.

For eg:- If football is in trend and one is not able to play well, he/she can put effort into improvement but not all can be the champion of that game. Therefore, students start developing inferiority complexes.

And hence, unnecessary pressure is created and one feels that he/she will only be praised or accepted if he/she matches the so-called standards.

Here Gita helps! Gita teaches us to stay in harmony with ourselves. It helps us to understand ourselves and also how to accept ourselves.

If we try to mold ourselves on the basis of the standard set by others, we are doing great injustice to ourselves. Therefore, Gita teaches us that we are always accepted by God. We need improvements at a certain time, but we don't need unnecessary pressure in our life. Otherwise, we feel useless and left out.

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Mind Is The Real Enemy

We have heard many times that the mind is our greatest friend and the mind is our greatest Enemy. And that's true though. In today's world, it's observed that youth is not properly trained to understand the complexity of the mind and how to deal with it.

So, as youth faces problems and hardships in life, whether he feels dissatisfied or disappointed, he slowly and gradually develops Victim Mentality.

And what's this Victim Mentality? As mentioned above, whenever the person feels he has become a victim to something bad and he slowly and gradually likes to become a victim and loves to gain sympathy and is not ready to give up such mentality is called Victim Mentality.

This is really very dangerous for one and can influence the person's actions as well. Therefore, it becomes necessary to understand the nature of the mind.

Bhagwat Gita guides us to understand the nature of the mind and how to control our greatest enemy and make it our friend. Thus, we learn to stop blaming the situation, persons and all and also to accept the things and move on.

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Reasons to read Gita

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