Loneliness And Bhagwad Gita

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Hello friends. We at Gita Quest are here to discover our best friend, true guide and the most valuable asset of our life -'Bhagavad Gita'.

Modern society has modern problems. The biggest issue society is facing today is 'Loneliness'. Though the population is increasing, the people are feeling left out. In ancient times, there was a tradition of joint families in India. So, a big amount of mental and emotional support was available. People would easily find compassion and were feeling like they were loved and taken care of.

But, if we talk about recent statistics, nearly 50 lakh people in India live alone. 6 % of students in India thought seriously about committing suicide. 60% of Americans report feeling lonely, poorly understood and lacking companionship. We have never faced any such problem in the history of mankind.

Whenever one feels lonely, he/she gets into some social interaction and relationships. But then, quarrels begin and many times, misunderstanding rises. Then again, a person feels like being alone and stay away from such relationships.

Man is a social animal and we constantly seek someone's company who understands us and we can have a good time with. But, this is the characteristic of 'Kaliyug' that we again get engaged in quarrels and detach ourselves and then we feel lonely.

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  • Modern scenario and causes of loneliness.

In Bhagavad Gita, Shri Krishna states

If anyone lives just for his sake and the one who is completely selfish is living a useless life. Such a person is also called a thief.
-Shri Krishna.

We all live in a society in which from early childhood we are put into a competitive environment in which we are just taught about competing with each other and how we can win the race of life.

Such an environment has harmed the feelings of oneness among us. Today's generation is slowly shifting its attention towards winning. In the classroom, we want 1st rank, we want good bank balance, high posts in jobs, etc…

Everything is necessary. But, due to this rise in competition, we are not properly trained for how to engage and manage our relationships. We don't know how to handle quarrels and how to solve the misunderstandings which take place in a relationship.

Therefore, we find relationships or feelings of group work to be theoretical and the scenario of the practical world has changed totally. And hence, due to lack of training and proper understanding, we end up with dissatisfaction and disappointments in life. Thus, at a point, everyone feels lonely in their lives and communal living becomes painful and hectic.

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