Power of Association – It’s Types

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Last article we discussed why association matters for us. In this article we cover the types of association.

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Three Types of association:


Achievers in their own field, these people are independently thoughtful, with every action planned.

Their goal may be different than yours, but with their experience and knowledge, they can empower you to achieve your goal!


With no concrete plans and actions, they participate in the most celebrated rat-race.

With a weak purpose of life, often limited to just money at the expense of health or even family, they live a mediocre life.

Being busy with short-term goals, they distract a person from the goal!

Such an association may help a person achieve a part of the goal, but it disempowers us to hit the bullseye.

Reverse Aligned

Full of negative patterns, attitude and discouraging words, they convince a person of failure before even an attempt is made. 

“It’s impossible for you. You are a normal person like us. Think down to earth.”, is their most frequent advice.

Stealing a person of his time and energy, such association makes a person act against his interest!

Krishna informs in Bhagavad Gita 2.62, the type of association determines the types of desires a person will acquire. And to achieve the goal, a burning desire is required. 

Choose the right types of association!

Next we discuss how to chose the right type of association. See you there.

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