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Behind every man’s success or failure, the association he keeps matters the most, it has been rightly said,

“[Either] People inspire you, or they drain you — pick them wisely.” — Hans F. Hansen

This statement is too good and at the same time too true.

Just for example, if we make friends with persons who drinks alcohol and plays video games we too will eventually become a alcoholic and waste our time playing video games. On the other hand :

If we make friends and spend time with a person who values his time, tries not to waste even a single moment, either he is learning or he is using his skills, we too will become inspired for the same. We too will become serious for our life and make the future we desire.

Let’s see the power of right association through an example.

How Association can make impossible possible!

Once upon a time, in a village, two monkeys fell in a very deep and dark well. Fearful of death, both tried to climb up. Soon, many other monkeys gathered at the surface of the well. They screamed :

“Don’t try. It’s very deep. Its impossible to escape. You can’t make it.”, shouted the fellow monkeys.

One of the monkeys at bottom of the well, hearing the demotivating words, gave up.

Surprisingly, to the amazement of everyone, the other monkey was trying his best to climb.

The more others shouted about the uselessness of his effort, the more this monkey was inspired.

Falling at times, he chose not to give up. Finally, he made it! “Thank you for motivating me”, he said.

Later others realized, he was DEAF! He took the discouraging words to be a call for his rise!

Association matters! Association is not about physical proximity but about the influence of a person’s words and actions on another.

That explains the failure of the other monkey, even though life presented the same challenge to both!

“The best way to get better is to surround yourself with better people.” — Anonymous

Although seemingly insignificant, a drop of rainwater, jumping from the cloud, also offers a powerful, thought-provoking and life-changing example to understand the power of association.

The drop of rain loses its purity and colour if falls on dust.

It loses its identity if falls in a big reservoir of water.

Yet, the same drop turns into a pearl if falls in an oyster.

The drop is the same, but the destiny is not! The oyster helped it to achieve its best form, of a pearl.

Search for an association like an oyster, which can transform you into a shining and effulgent pearl!

Krishna informs us through Bhagavad Gita, that our destiny depends on our association. Choose it carefully!

Not everything is under human control but certain things are! The most important being, association! To achieve a goal, the association’s impact should be aligned with our goal.

Next we discuss the types of association see you there.

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